Traction & Propulsion – Feedbacksensor for an electric drivetrain

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Over the past decade, the automotive industry has had a strong focus on electrifying the drivetrain. Initially the development was mainly driven by stricter environmental legislation around the world. Today, driving factors are far from only legislative; instead, it is a strong customer demand, both from individuals and corporations, pushed by the increased general awareness of the environmental and public health aspect with the usage of fossil fuels. Other industries, such as off-highway vehicles and the transportation sector, have also increasingly pushed for the development of electrification of the drivetrain. New factors such as reduced operating costs and noise levels, as well as increased productivity and reliability are playing an important role.

Analyzes show that by the year 2027, about 40% of all lighter vehicles produced will have some form of electric drivetrain (mild hybrid / plug in hybrid / fully electric), which imposes new demands on the supply chain.

For the traction drive to have as high energy efficiency and compact format as possible, the choice of feedback sensor and signal processing is of utmost importance. Cumatix has extensive experience in integrating feedback sensors in different types of traction operations where the customer’s specific requirements for cost, dimensional constraints, optimal integration, quality and delivery performance always have the highest focus.

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→ Download Traction & Propulsion Application Note (PDF)